Anti-Ageing Botox Treatment

Botox contains a substance, botulinum toxin A which causes muscles to relax.

It acts at the junction between the nerves and muscle to prevent the release of a chemical messenger called acetylcholine from the nerve endings.

This prevents muscles from contracting. The muscle relaxation is temporary and wears off gradually. Some people are distressed when lines appear on their face.

Botox can be used in adults to temporarily improve the appearance of any moderate to severe frown lines, horizontal forehead lines and crow’s feet. And in doing that it can prevent the existing lines to deteriorate if repeated at regular intervals. In most cases, it is enough to have the procedure repeated 2-3 times/ year to keep the excellent results.

How Botox Treatment is Done?

Several injections, in small pre-measured doses, are injected directly into the targeted muscles. The treatment area can be numbed with a topical anaesthetic gel before the treatment if the patient wishes.

Watch this video on Botox treatment, explained by our experienced dentist and Botox specialist Jessica Pancic.

Botox Treatment – Anti-Ageing Injection Cost

1 Treatment Area £180.00
2 Treatment Areas (at the same visit) £280.00
3 Treatment Areas (at the same visit) £380.00

Botox Treatment Effects

The treated area looks relaxed and smooth for about 3-5 month’s during which time it wears off gradually. It varies how long it lasts from one individual to another depending on several factors such as;

  • how strong their muscle movement was prior to treatment
  • how large / thick the muscle mass is
  • how much the patient habitually frowns and uses their facial muscles for expressions

What are the alternatives of Botox Treatment?

There are some serums and creams out there that promise to do ‘almost the same thing’ as Botox but I have not tried them personally so I can not speculate on the effect of these.

Other alternatives would be to have laser treatments or proper facial surgery would be an option to help eliminate lines.

Need Advice?

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