Ageing is a process we all go through and anyone who would like to rejuvenate their face by reducing the appearance of their lines and wrinkles would benefit from Botox and/or Restylane treatment.

Frown lines, crows’ feet, ‘tired’ eyes and wrinkles appear naturally over time as a result of our facial muscle activity (and over-activity) and our genetic disposition.

The Carfax Dental Practice is now offering Botox and Restylane skin boosters and fillers to combat the signs of aging.

Shefali Sood has joined the practice to offer facial rejuvenation at the clinic on Saturdays.

“As a dentist, you study people’s faces all the time,” says Shefali, “and I developed a special interest in Cosmetic Facial Aesthetics treatments using Botox and Fillers. It is very rewarding to help someone feel good about themselves again in how they look.”

You can book a FREE consultation with Shefali – and find out what treatments would best suit you. A consultation takes 15 -30 minutes; Shefali will outline your options, answer any questions you may have and provide you with a treatment quote.

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