Six Month Smiles and other short term adult orthodontic treatments are revolutionising cosmetic dentistry. With Six Month Smiles we now have the ability to move teeth in a reasonable time frame and thereby conserve natural tooth structure. In the past the only other way to do this would have been traditional orthodontic treatment, porcelain crowns or veneers. The later of which would involve removal of natural tooth structure.

Six Month Smiles was developed in the USA as a system to enable general dentists to carry out simple cosmetic orthodontic treatment using clear fixed brackets in a reasonable time frame, 4-9 months.

Six Month Smiles - how it worksSix Month Smiles uses clear fixed brackets and a tooth coloured wire to minimise the visibility of the braces. Once in place the wire exerts light forces to the teeth via the brackets to encourage movement. Once a month, at each review appointment we tweak the braces until the desired effect is achieved. Although, we use light forces and a straight forward technique you will be surprised how much effect the system has and what we can achieve.

The Six Month Smiles system aims to achieve a marked improvement in the aesthetics of your smile.

We can correct most smile problems:

Usually results in twisted teeth and some teeth pushed out of the arch, increasing and decreasing the prominence of some teeth.

Six Month Smiles - Overcrowding - Before and After

Six Month Smiles – Overcrowding – Before and After

Spaced Teeth
It can fix obvious gaps between the teeth.

Six Month Smiles - Spaced Gap - Before and After

Six Month Smiles – Spaced Gap – Before and After

The cost of treatment can be spread over the duration of the treatment (4-9 months). We ask for a 20% deposit on treatment acceptance and the rest is spread into equal payments occurring once a month. If you wish you can also finance the cost and spread payments over 12 months. Currently we are offering this facility completely free of interest or admin charges ( we pick up this cost for you).

The total cost of treatment regardless of the option you chose is:

  • Both upper and lower jaws – £3000
  • One jaw only – £2300

We believe in transparent pricing. The prices above include all elements of your 6 Month Smiles treatment including photos, treatment planning, post operative retainers. Even, if your treatment takes longer than expected there is no additional cost. The same is true if your treatment takes fewer appointments.

Very often patients opt for some extra cosmetic treatment after the Six Month Smiles treatment is complete. Typically, the two main treatments requested are:

Post treatment, patients very often take a new found pride in their smiles. Once you see your new smile you may want to finish with some tooth whitening. It is simple to do as the retainers can be constructed to double up as tooth whitening trays.

This is a treatment to complete the window dressing of your smile if you have rough edges on the biting edges of your teeth. These are sometimes more noticeable when the teeth have been beautifully aligned. If it is just one or two teeth then we will do this free of charge.

Six Month Smiles - Incisal Recontouring - Before and After

Six Month Smiles – Incisal Recontouring – Before and After

Six Month Smiles generally takes much less time, placing brackets allows greater and finer control of tooth movements.

Invisalign involves multiple clear appliances which are provided by the orthodontis labs. These additional appliances add to the cost (up to 50% more) and time of the treatment. Invisalign is a great system for patients who will absolutely not wear any form of brackets and are happy with extended treatment times and increased cost.

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