Technically an implant is a titanium tube which replaces the natural root of the tooth with the idea to provide a long lasting solution not just to the space but also to the surrounding structures.

Tooth loss following decay or gum disease are the commonest causes for opting implants, but decay is not the only reason for tooth loss. One may need to opt for implants due to trauma; such as teeth being knocked out, during contact sports, such as cricket and football,or due to an accident or a fall. The reason for wanting an implant could be functional or aesthetic.

The common treatment for tooth loss is usually dentures or bridges, but with the increase in sophistication of implant technology, it is being adopted at a rapid pace.

An implant needs bone as the building block to support the structure, generally individuals who have been maintaining good oral hygiene are ideal candidates for implants and should not pose any problems with the procedure.

Typically a tooth implant suggests the support of a single tooth, but it is now possible to support a number of teeth through a combination of dentures and bridges.

Smokers are not necessarily excluded from having implants but the success rates are lower.

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