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At which age someone can have 6 month smiles braces?

In general, we advise that children are treated ideally and adults pragmatically. Children are more likely to accept longer orthodontic treatments and we advise that they are treated using conventional orthodontics. Most of our adult patients present because they do not want conventional orthodontics which can take up to 18 months. They are attracted to […]

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Why have my teeth still not moved with 6 month smiles?

Six Month Smiles

To achieve the desired movement in the teeth during a 6 Month Smiles treatment we require space, pressure and time.

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I have recently moved to the locality and looking for a dentist. What I should do now? What Carfax Dental can offer for my family?

Regular visits to your dentist are vital to maintain your oral health and prevent dental problems arising. When moving into a new area it is important to register with a local dentist. The best way to find a new dentist is through recommendation. Your new neighbours, work colleagues and friends should give you a guide.

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Why patients should have dental implants in the UK instead going to abroad?

There has always been a number of patients who will travel abroad, usually, to former eastern bloc countries for dental and medical treatments. The temptation is simple to understand and generally revolves around cost. Treatments like dental implants are offered for far less than would be the case in the UK.

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How important is good dental hygiene for children?

Children Teeth - Dental Hygine

Developing good dental hygiene habits at an early age is vital for the prevention of common dental diseases like decay and gum disease.

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Testimonial from Jukka Koskela

Chose the Six Month Smile as recommended and very happy with the end results. During the treatment was very well looked after by the dentist and all the staff at CDP. This treatment is perfect for those looking for quick fix to straighten teeth and white braces are almost invisible. Minimal pain is involved with […]

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Testimonial from Alexander Inman

I’m posting on here to say how grateful I am for the work that was carried out on my teeth by Dr Vatsal Amin at Carfax Dental Surgery. I, like many people am a bit of a tooth grinder, which apparently happens in most cases in people’s sleep. I was causing some damage which wasn’t […]

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Dr Sandra Bedford completes her Restorative MSc from The Eastman Dental Institute

We would like to congratulate Dr Sandra Bedford on the completion of her Restorative MSc from The Eastman Dental Institute. This follows after 5 years of part-time postgraduate study. The Eastman Dental Institute is one of the world’s most prestigious postgraduate dental schools and Sandra achieved an Honours grade for the dissertation component.

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How do I get my teeth whitened quickly?

Modern research is leading us away from rapid whitening techniques. Rapid whitening limits the control the dentist has over the process. Although it produces quick results in as little an hour the effects are not long lasting. Gradual or tray whitening techniques are proving to be much more long lasting. They are also more cost […]

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How can I straighten my teeth! I hate my smile. No confidence at all!!?

Ways to Straighten Teeth & Bring Your Confident Smile Back Having a poor smile can certainly affect your confidence. Many people who are unhappy with their smile develop coping techniques- some learn to hide their teeth when being photographed and do not smile spontaneously. Attractiveness is a valuable social commodity. Countless studies have found that […]

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