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“I am deeply grateful for their skilful, professional treatment and understanding of very nervous patients” – says a terrified patient

Having been traumatised as a child by very negative dental experiences, I retained my fear of dentists throughout most of my adult life. Despite this, I have always kept appointments every 6 months, because of overcrowded teeth in a small mouth and I knew there would be serious problems if I did not. To add to my problems, I was not brushing my teeth properly, so have had to see the dental hygienist on a regular basis.

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Save a Tooth – Part 2

Last time I outlined advice on what do to if the tooth looks normal and if the tooth seems broken after a facial injury.

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Save a Tooth – Part 1

I have recently attended a dental conference on the subject of Dental Trauma and thought I would share some potentially useful information.

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“I Must Say That It Was The Smoothest Service I Ever Received” – says Nor Koszler

I’ve been referred to this clinic to get rid of my wisdom tooth. I must say that was the smoothest service I ever received from a dental practice, perfect all the way through! Extremely Friendly staff, excellent treatment, only professionals are working here. I really do appreciate it, thank you all lovely staff here! Testimonial […]

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“I Would Recommend Carfax to Anyone Wishing to Have The Perfect Smile” says Claire Minion

So happy having just finished my Six Months Smile treatment. Mr. Amin and all the team are welcoming, friendly and very informative. From the first appointment, I knew I’d made the right choice, and was confident that would get the smile I had always wished for a long time. My treatment actually finished three months […]

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Is Teeth Whitening Safe in Pregnancy?

Most teeth whiteners contain hydrogen peroxide, which can be absorbed or ingested during the teeth whitening process. There is not enough study on the effects of these chemicals on babies. Tooth whitening is NOT recommended during pregnancy primarily because we do not know if it is safe for your child and you. There is little […]

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Can I Whiten My Sensitive Teeth?

Teeth whitening can cause transient sensitivity that resolves a few days after the process. If you already have sensitive teeth, it would be advisable to control this sensitivity before teeth whitening process. Our expert dentists will advise you how to do this. Check out our Teeth Whitening section for details.

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Can Teeth Whitening Damage My Gums?

The gel used in teeth whitening procedure can irritate your gums. It is important that the trays you wear for the procedure are well made and checked for accurate fitting. Any excess gel after setting the trays should be wiped away carefully. Minor irritations of the gums will resolve soon after completing whitening.

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Testimonial from Richard

Would you please be so good as to convey my thanks to Mr Ivailo Raitchev for the painless wisdom tooth extraction he performed for me yesterday. It is the second extraction he has performed for me in recent years, and on both occasions I have been impressed by his consideration, skill and professionalism.

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Need to replace my Porcelain Veneers. Can you give me an idea of the treatment and it’s cost?

Question: I have two Porcelain Veneers on my two front teeth which are around 10 years old. I am looking to replace these due to a slight receding of my gums. Please can you give me an idea of the treatment and its cost?

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