Having been traumatised as a child by very negative dental experiences, I retained my fear of dentists throughout most of my adult life. Despite this, I have always kept appointments every 6 months, because of overcrowded teeth in a small mouth and I knew there would be serious problems if I did not. To add to my problems, I was not brushing my teeth properly, so have had to see the dental hygienist on a regular basis.

Then two things happened that changed my entire attitude and own practice towards my dental care. I became a patient of Dr Vatsal Amin and Susan Bailey, the hygienist. Through their never-ending patience and support, they gradually allayed my anxieties, to such an extent that I now have no fears whatsoever of any dental treatment. Further, I was shown how to adopt different techniques for cleaning my teeth and gums, which over time became increasingly successful. As a result, I no longer dread appointments, check-ups or treatment – including a recent tooth extraction.

I am deeply grateful for their skilful, professional treatment and understanding of very nervous patients and would recommend them highly to others, but the terrified in particular!

Testimonial by a terrified dental patient from Horsham

Carfax Dental Staff

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