Last time I outlined advice on what do to if the tooth looks normal and if the tooth seems broken after a facial injury.

Remember this is advice that applies to adult teeth in either a child or an adult.

3. The tooth has moved position. Try to see your dentist as soon as possible. Your dentist will assess if the tooth needs to be manually re-positioned.

4. The tooth has been completely knocked out of the mouth. Locate the tooth. Try NOT to handle the tooth by the root, instead hold it by the crown. Rinse the tooth with cold water. DO NOT try to wipe or scrub the tooth manually.

You then have three alternatives:

  • Put the tooth back in its original position in the mouth
  • Place the tooth in saline or milk
  • Where milk or saline is not available put the tooth in the mouth between gum and cheek

You should then contact your dental practice urgently and explain the situation including the time that the injury occurred. Time is crucial in this scenario as ideally, the tooth needs to be re-implanted within two hours, although, some guidelines suggest one hour.

Remember to be aware of the signs of a concussion; loss of consciousness, dizziness, double vision or vomiting in which case go to A&E immediately.

Finally, its worth noting that prevention is better than cure. We shouldn’t wrap our children in cotton wool, but if they are taking part in contact sports, they MUST be wearing an appropriate sports mouth guard.

Vatsal Amin

Vatsal Amin joined the Carfax Dental Practice in June 1996, and became a partner in 1997.

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