I have recently attended a dental conference on the subject of Dental Trauma and thought I would share some potentially useful information.

Damage to adult teeth is a common occurrence in children who lead active lives. The four most common outcomes are:

  • The tooth appears normal – is intact and in a normal position
  • The tooth looks broken but is in place
  • The tooth has moved position
  • The tooth has been completely knocked out of the mouth

Part 1 of this series will deal with outcomes 1 and 2.

1. If the tooth looks normal but you are aware of an injury to the mouth you should seek a dental appointment within a couple of days. Your dentist will assess and advise. If there are any signs of concussion i.e loss of consciousness, dizziness, double vision or vomiting go to A&E immediately.

2. If part of the tooth has been knocked out try to locate the loose piece or pieces and see your dentist as soon as possible. When you phone your dental practice explain the situation to the receptionist who should be able to get you an appointment with a dentist promptly. Again, be aware of the signs of a concussion.

In part 2. I will talk about outcomes 3 and 4.

Vatsal Amin

Vatsal Amin joined the Carfax Dental Practice in June 1996, and became a partner in 1997.

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