I’m posting on here to say how grateful I am for the work that was carried out on my teeth by Dr Vatsal Amin at Carfax Dental Surgery.

I, like many people am a bit of a tooth grinder, which apparently happens in most cases in people’s sleep. I was causing some damage which wasn’t noticeable to most, but I personally wasn’t keen on it. I was keen to restore my teeth as well as to do some tooth whitening. One way to restore my teeth would have been crowns but I was keen not to do this because it would have meant the dentist would have to cut away a bit of good tooth in order to have a good surface area to attach the tooth coloured composite crown to.

But skilfully, Vatsal managed a different approach which was to chemically etch the tooth ends (for grip) and then veneer the front very slightly and add to the tip. He’s polished them up and the look has improved in my opinion no end, while the teeth are also very strong.

The process has been easy and painless and Vatsal has a great approach to meeting your wishes as a patient. Thanks!

Carfax Dental Staff

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