Five years ago there were many different teeth whitening systems on the market. One early method used was called Laser Whitening or Power Whitening. Recent research has shown these methods to be less effective than Home System or Gradual Whitening.

Power Whitening was effective but for much shorter periods. Patients were having to repeat the treatment more often. Home system whitening is more gradual, lasts longer and is very simple and inexpensive to repeat.

Research studies show that using the Home system that after 18 months – 83% of the effect was still present and after 3 years – 65% of the effect was still present.

What is the Home System?

The system involves having impressions taken. We make bleaching trays from these impressions. At the second visit we fit custom made trays and show you how to use them. Typically, you wear the trays for 8 nights and you will see results in as little as 2 days. Keep the trays for future top ups. A typical top up costs just £90.

Is Home System Teeth Whitening suitable for everyone?

Teeth whitening does not effect crown, veneers and fillings. So if you have many of these at the front of your mouth they amy not blend very well post whitening. We will advise of any potential issues before we undertake whitening.

You also need to have healthy teeth and gums before embarking on whitening procedures, again, we will advise of you of any treatment needs beforehand.

Is it harmful to the teeth?

No, professionally done teeth whitening is quite safe and does no harm to your teeth.

Does it hurt?

Teeth whitening can cause sensitivity during treatment but this is usually well managed with desensitising agents like toothpaste. Any sensitivity experienced will resolve within 3 days of completion of treatment.

Do shop bought or internet sourced systems work?

At best these are ineffective as the gels used are very low strength about 1/60 of the strength we use in practice.

At worst some gels can harm your teeth and/or gums. Which, the consumer watch group found that many of these gels contain actual bleach – Sodium Hypochlorite and such should NOT be used. In a BBC documentary, “the truth about your teeth” it is found that shop bought systems were completely ineffective.

How much does it cost?

Home system whitening costs £395. If you are not a registered patient of ours you will need a thorough examination first which typically costs £60. This is to ensure that not only are your teeth and gums healthy but you are suitable for teeth whitening.

Carfax Dental Staff

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