In our latest video post, we explain what is dental emergency, what is considered as dental emergency treatment and how to contact Carfax Dental Practice dentists.

Video Script

Dental emergencies can range from toothache to a lost front tooth. We recognise that these can be a stressful experience causing disruption to your day and do our best to see emergency patients on the same day. We even operate a rota system to deal with out of hours emergencies. (We will treat you with compassion and understanding to minimise the trauma of the situation) We ask you call the practice as early in the day as possible and we will endeavour to see you on the same day even if you are not a registered patient.

Most emergencies can be resolved at the first appointment. If follow up treatment is required the dentist will explain your options with related benefits and costs for you to make a decision in your own time.

If you are a registered patient you will normally see your regular dentist but even if they are on leave someone will be happy to see you.

We take pride in the fact that most new patient emergencies we see become long standing patients at your practice.

Carfax Dental Staff

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