In our latest video, Dr Vatsal Amin explains what is Tooth Implants and how it is done at Carfax Dental Practice.

Video Script:

Implant dentistry has revolutionised the way we replace lost teeth and ultimately restore dental health. They are a great alternative to

  • Dentures, which can be loose and need to be removed. Patients sometimes lack confidence with dentures.
  • Bridgework, which requires the preparation of healthy teeth on either side of the space.

What is an Implant?
The Implant itself is actually a precision made titanium tube that is placed into the bone. The bone builds around this implant and the two fuse. An adapter, called an abutment, is then attached to the implant. We can then firmly attach a crown, bridge or denture to this adapter.

How many appointments are required?
At your initial consultation we assess your suitability for Implant dentistry. This appointment is free of charge and carries no obligation. The implantologist will fully explain the process and related costs in order for you to make a fully informed decision.

The next appointment will be to actually place the implant. The implant has a healing cap placed over it so you can eat and speak normally while it settles.

Once settled we require 2 appointments to construct and fit the crown.

If your gap is at the front you can have a temporary measure to fill your gap for the whole time so that you can smile confidently.

Can anyone have Implants?
Most patients can have Dental implants and modern technology has broadened this. We are even able to enhance the implant site prior to placement. However, there are some restrictions and this is assessed at your first, no obligation appointment. The Implantologist will always advise you of what is in your best interest. My advice is to come in for the initial assessment, you’ve nothing to lose and may be pleasantly surprised at we can achieve for you.

If you have any more questions regarding implants and your suitability, then please do not hesitate in calling Carfax Dental on 01403 253696

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