As a child I had a very traumatic experience with dental treatment that developed into such a serious phobia I had not visited a dentist in almost 28 years, and became anxious at the very mention of the “D word”.

As a professional businessman working with many different clients I became increasingly conscious of my dental health and realised that unless I took steps to address my fear I would require more serious treatment in the future.

Every day on my journey into my clients office I walked past the Carfax Dental Practice, which prompted me to visit the website and then send an email to the team to begin the start of a difficult journey to face my phobia.

That was the start of a wonderful transition from being the patient who was physically shaking in the chair on my first visit, to a fairly composed and relaxed patient.

From the outset Dr Amin and the team demonstrated a very caring and unhurried approach to my treatment, explaining what was required, my options and encouraged me to ask questions about any concerns I had.

Thank you to all of the team for transforming my life and my smile.

MC Bursledon, Hampshire

Carfax Dental Staff

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