After having a serious car accident and damaging my front teeth at 16 years old I have always been very conscious of my smile.

I am getting married next year and the crown that I had on my front tooth was not fitted well and discoloured, I really wanted to have a great smile for my photos.

I plucked up the courage to look for a new practice and found the Carfax Dental Practice, booking an appointment was easy and the staff are really friendly.

When the day came to see my new dentist I was very nervous especially about having injections, I informed him of this and he put me at ease. Dr Amin treated me like a human being and talked to me through the whole appointment explaining everything he was doing and continuously asking me if I was ok.

The work was done within three appointments and I couldn’t believe that I didn’t feel a bit of pain even the injection was pain free.

I now have my smile back and It has given me much more confidence especially for my wedding.

L.W. Horsham

Carfax Dental Staff

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