6 month smile treatment gave me the confidence I’ve always longed for in my appearance and persona.

I had overcrowding and my front teeth were crossed over; I never liked to smile as I felt people were drawn to my wonky teeth. I was always mumbling to try and hide my teeth whenever I had to talk to new people or have a close conversation.

The treatment was extremely quick and only lasted just over 12 weeks! From having the braces fitted to the final finish, I could not have hoped for a better painless, stress free and easy treatment.

One big attraction to 6 month smile was the time frame and the natural colour wires, without sounding too vain I didn’t want people to stare or see I was an adult with a brace, this way you can hardly notice the wires in person and are they are virtually none existent in photos. This made choosing 6 month smile even more attractive. Now that I’ve had the treatment people approach me more at work as I’m always smiling and come across a lot happier. I wish id found out about this treatment sooner as I’ve always wanted a picture perfect smile, and now just after 12 weeks I do. Thank you.

Carfax Dental Staff

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